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Phone: +1 (519) 590-6252
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Jonatan Piquette

Learning & Development Manager
Station Supervisor – YKF  

Jonatan Piquette is a well-rounded subject matter expert with 10 years experience in the deicing industry. His drive for excellence and his passion for people are a welcome addition to the talents of the Wingstars team.


Jonatan began his career as a deicing technician at the Montreal Central Deicing Facility, where he spent nearly 6 years holding various positions critical to deicing operations. Over the next 4 years, he successfully managed training and quality assurance at the Ottawa Central Deicing Facility. His attention to detail and dedication to aviation safety have always been a point of praise during station audits. He is customer-centric, solution-driven, and demonstrates a natural ability to lead, always by example.


Jonatan brings his sense of fairness and positivity to Wingstars, and believes in exceeding expectations wherever possible, without compromising safety.

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