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A Wingstar Deicer

What sets a Wingstars Deicer apart from your average Deicer?

A Wingstars Deicer is a dedicated and skilled technician that is well-trained, well-respected, and undergoes a rigorous qualification process to achieve their certification. A Wingstars Deicer is monitored through an effective quality management system that far exceeds SAE, Transport Canada, FAA and other industry guidelines. A Wingstars Deicer knows their equipment inside and out and knows how to apply only the right amount of fluid, using proper methodology and spray techniques appropriate to the precipitation type and type of contamination on your aircraft. A Wingstars Deicer will de/anti-ice your aircraft safely, efficiently and expeditiously.

If this is the Deicer you want treating your aircraft, give us a call.

If this is the Deicer you can be, then checkout our website and keep in touch...

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