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“Clean and Green”

When winter weather hits, we often use the term “Clean and Green”.

At Wingstars, “Clean and Green” does not only apply to the de/anti-icing process, a result of a clean aircraft treated with Type IV fluid on the critical surfaces. “Clean and Green” also applies to what you do with the spent de/anti-icing fluids leftover on the ground after an aircraft has departed.

One of the most important components of de/anti-icing at Wingstars is the environmental component. This includes:

· Using efficient mixture ratios of Type I EG/PG required to meet LOUT requirements

· Using concentrate Type I fluids, so you don’t have to pay to transport water

· Establishing effective and responsible glycol mitigation programs

· Recovery of spent fluids

· Recycling

· Remanufacturing

· Spent fluid treatment and/or disposal

· Wastewater management

Wingstars has strong values and firmly believes in the responsible use and protection of the environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

Airport or airline, if you are looking for “Clean and Green” deicing operations, give us a call. If you value the environment as much as we do and want to be part of the Wingstars team, checkout our website and keep in touch...

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