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Aircraft Ground Deicing

From single-truck on-gate operations to multi-fleet centralized deicing facilities, we deice aircraft in operations from large to small.


Our industry-leading training and quality control ensure safe and efficient deicing, while our commitment to fiscal responsibility ensures operational value.


Our aircraft ground deicing services include:


  •  Aircraft deicing/anti-icing

    • Fluid-based, manual methods, forced air, engine inlet and warm air deicing, engines-on deicing

  • Pre/post deicing checks

  • CDF, DDF and terminal on-gate operations management

  • Deicing coordination

  • Data management

  • Facility and fleet management and maintenance

  • Fluid management

Glycol and Environmental Management

Wingstars provides end-to-end environmental management solutions for spent deicing fluid. Our solutions ensure regulatory and ISO 14001 compliance is met and that green targets are achieved.

Our glycol and environmental management services include:


  • Establishing effective and responsible glycol mitigation programs

  • Recovery of spent fluids

  • Recycling

  • Remanufacturing

  • Spent fluid treatment and/or disposal

  • Wastewater management

  • Facility management

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