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The  deicing industry has seen many pioneers over the past 30 years or so, changing the way deicing companies apply the fluids , collect spent fluids and the type of equipment used for these purpose. We have deep respect for their commitment to safety, and their efforts in making changes to best practices. They have paved the way for many new opportunities and chances to elevate the industry further and increase the know how to many levels of the operation, in order to specifically address the airline needs. Utilizing our experience from the industry, we can improve models, that have been tried and tested, as well as lead innovation, all the while ensuring the peak safety practices.

At Wingstars, sustainability is one of our core values. We realized, from the onset, that it takes a long-term perspective – focusing on anticipating future events, being proactive, and adapting to changes in both the present and future. A sustainable company, in our opinion, manages its human, natural, and financial capital to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.

Our focus encompasses three tracks. We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment, to lend a hand where possible, and above all to remain carbon neutral in the interest of our future and yours.

We Say What We Mean and We Mean What We Say.

Our word is our bond and a promise to deliver. Each member of the management team at Wingstars has worked hard through the years to gain experience required to be called SME in their respective fields, but, more importantly, they worked hard to build and maintain their impeccable reputation in our industry.

When you are dealing with us, you can be assured that we will always be transparent, honest and direct.

Wingstars Values


We are committed to conducting our business in a transparent fashion. That means being open about our financial models, procedures, safety record and more. It also means communicating frequently and honestly and holding ourselves accountable to our commitments to our clients, employees, and the communities that we serve.


Respect for our people and our customers is paramount. This means always being engaged and present and continually listening to the needs of our partners and our team members. We use a comprehensive mix of a living wage, mentoring, and recognition to retain a safe, motivated, and loyal team and see eliminating turnover as key to our success.


We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. Our word is our promise to deliver. Each member of our leadership team has maintained an impeccable reputation during their many years in the deicing industry. They have been chosen to join our team because they embody our belief in the importance of integrity.


We believe that new technologies, ideas, and approaches can elevate the deicing industry to provide a service that better meets the current needs of airports and air operators. We are committed to continually innovating to provide our clients with a modern, efficient, and effective approach to deicing.


We are committed to business and environmental sustainability. This means considering long-term consequences in our decision-making process. We are committed to building long-term partnerships and to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.

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