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Aircraft Deicing

Wingstars can assist airports and operators across the world to address their de/anti-icing requirements, all the while reducing the impact on the environment. We provide full circle de/anti-icing services with a multitude of solutions for recovery and recycling and overall mitigation, creating a profitable business with a turnkey service.

Our capabilities include providing de/anti-icing operations for all aircraft types ranging from a Cessna Caravan to the Airbus A380, in all locations, from small on-gate to large CDF operations. 


De/anti-icing and associated checks are performed in accordance with the Wingstars Aircraft Ground De/Anti-icing Program (AGDP) and associated Training Program (AGDTP) and/or customer programs and training requirements, as required. The AGDP/AGDTP conforms to all applicable FAA, IATA, ICAO, SAE and Transport Canada requirements.    

Engines-on & Engines-off deicing

Positive Aircraft control movement

Spent fluids management

Fresh fluid management: Acceptance, Inventory, Handling & Storage, Blending and Testing

Common deicing facilities (CDF) and/or Dedicated deicing facilities (DDF)

Data collection through collaborations with industry leaders

Bespoke approaches for small, medium and large airport operations

State of the art deicing operations management software

Snow removal management, when and where required

Environmental programs management

Pad sprays vs Gate sprays

Real time weather predictions from trusted worldwide providers

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