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Technology, Analytics & Optimization

Innovation is one of Wingstars’ core values and technology is a key tool we use to ensure our operations are efficient and transparent.  We use a variety of apps, systems and technologies that enable us to better service our clients through the most efficient means possible, while working with real time data.  Through technology, we are 100% paperless, meeting one of our environmental sustainability commitments. Our technological advancements include apps, systems and technologies such as:


One-Person Operated De/Anti-icing Equipment

Microsoft 365 Suite

Wingstars Academy LMS

Wingstars Crew App

Wingstars Customer Portal

Wingstars ePrograms QHSE Programs Management System

Wingstars SafeOps Platform

Wingstars Work Management Platform

Deicing Operations Management Systems

ADF/AAF Storage/Inventory Monitoring/Management

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